Boom Boom Satellites – Electronic Songwriters

If you’re into electric guitars, synthesizers and music production, you’ll love the Boom Boom Satellites. They’ve been around since 1990 and have always managed to create the most potent blend of danceable rock n’ roll on the planet. Don’t be surprised if you ear some Garbage or Orgy as they were the sonic prototype for these bands.

BBS use real live drums with cutting edge synthesizers, which makes everything sound extra large and urgent. No drum machine around here. This also helps make their live performances more interesting than 99% of electronic bands out there. See for yourself in the following video:

Structurally most of their songs start with elaborate intros and go directly to the chorus, which is a common practice in dance music. They then proceed to do all kind of permutations of verses and chorus with copious remixing tricks (filter riding, swellings, cross fades, beat replacements, etc.). The result is extremely effective and memorable.