Nick Troop – The Song Doctor

Nick Troop is a British doctor in psychology doing research on the effect of songwriting on human emotions. How cool is that? In his latest project he constructs the ideal David Bowie song by analyzing hundreds of songs. Obviously, he has no pretension of out doing Bowie using science and technology but the result is quite pleasant.

On his web site, you’ll find interesting statistical facts about Bowie’s lyrics. For example, it turns out that the words Bowie uses also seem to be related to how long his albums stay in the charts. Mhhmm, OK.

For his next project, the good doctor is looking for volunteer songwriters. Visit his research page to learn what it’s all about and maybe do your bit in the name of science.


One thought on “Nick Troop – The Song Doctor

  1. Vig says:

    I’m not surprised that too much “reality” in lyrics or songs relating to death are unpopular as it is usually the artists role to create an escape valve for day to day living.

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