Korg nanoSERIES: Small Size, Big Idea

Speaking of nano, Korg is coming out with a brand new line of portable controllers called the nanoSERIES. They are coming out next month, and judging from the feedback they are getting everywhere, this one is going to be one hot product.

This summer, I’ve finally moved from a desktop music system to one based around a Macbook laptop. The little nanoKey is exactly what the doctor ordered: it’s small, stylish and doesn’t require external power. Anyone who has ever tried to input drum sequences using a keyboard will appreciate the nanoPad and while, I’m not much of a mixer type, I totally want the nanoKontrol too.

I must applaud Korg on this: this is one company listening to its user base and coming out with useful products at a reasonable price. These are perfect for the songwriter on the go who does not want to haul around a bunch of midi controllers and power supplies.

One caveat: they do look a bit toy-like. I wish Korg had used a more elegant metallic enclosure, like the Apogee Duet. Then again, they would have been more expensive. Maybe for version 2…


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