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New XecretCode Web Site Online

XecretCode Web Site

In preparation for the release of Xsong v.1.0, I’ve put up the new XecretCode web site. This removes the old confusing SonoGraphx web site which I used as a stand in for a few months. For now, I’m still preparing version 1.0, but after the release, I’ll have a couple of screencasts to demonstrate some of the most interesting features.

In order to make things more manageable, I will release the Windows version first around April 25th, then will work my way toward a Mac OS-X release a few weeks later. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Man, I love writing software, but after 15 years of programming, releasing a 1.0 is still a dreadful task. However, once you see the software in action, I think you’ll agree that it was all worth it.


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