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Learn Songwriting From Apple…and American Idol

Apple iMac Aluminum

Submit By March 31st
Via WIRED’s Listening Post: You only have one week left to enter your songs into the American Idol Songwriting Contest. While I don’t always agree with their final choice, no one can argue the benefits of winning such contest. You get tons of exposure and the pleasure of sharing your publishing with 19 Entertainment.

Learn Songwriting From Apple
One interesting note for me was this year’s inclusion of Apple’s GarageBand as the “official” songwriting application. Apple even offers workshops in selected stores for budding songwriters. That’s pretty cool, as GarageBand is by far the most accessible DAW out there, besides being a very good introduction to Apple’s Logic. Apple has the best songwriter check list ever. Read it and remember: it’s all about the vocal melody.

Rigged Against Windows
The contest’s Songwriting Guide suggests that you record your song with Windows’s Sound Recorder applet. What? Do they want Windows users to lose? I know that they are basically encouraging people to participate with free tools, but Sound Recorder will never sound good. If you want free, use Audacity. It’s a decent multi-tracker with basic effects and editing.

Can’t wait to see who wins this year.

UPDATE: You may want to read this before you apply.


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