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Jason Blume At The 2007 Taxi Rally

Probably the most insightful five minutes you’ll ever listen to. Jason Blume manages to put forth the basic thesis from his book ”6 Steps to songwriting success” which is to concentrate on short vocal melodies. My Xsong software is based on that same principle. Nothing is more powerful than a vocal melody that you can’t get out of your head.

Read the comments too because you can clearly see that many people don’t understand that songwriting is structured. For some reason, everyone accepts that a book or a movie must be scripted and structured, yet the idea of doing the same for songwriting seem to go against the laws of nature. Then, the same people get frustrated when their song get rejected by everybody. Sight…

By the way, the yearly Taxi road rally sounds like a must go event. Posting these videos on YouTube is a great way to make you realize just what you missed on.


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