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Hit Songwriters Summit

SongLink Songriter Panel

Do yourself a favor and go check out this incredible recording of an onstage all star songwriter presentation. It features Rob Davis (“Can’t get you out of my head”, “It’s not over”), John Peppard, Charlie Dore, Graham Gouldman (“Bus Stop”, “I’m Not In Love”) and Peter Wright.

What makes this special is that each songwriter (except Peter Wright) performs a couple of their songs onstage with only an acoustic guitar. This provides a rare opportunity to ear the song as they were first written, before all the production was put on top. This is specially striking when 10cc’s Graham Gouldman performs “I’m not in love”. The original was one of the most beautifully but over-produced track ever. Yet, when stripped down to a one-part vocal and acoustic guitar, it still stands pretty strong. Proof that great songs transcend production.

Rob Davis is the other highlight for me as he is an all-time favorite of mine. I bought my Korg Triton Synthesizer after reading about Rob’s songwriter home studio in S.O.S magazine. Rob performs “It’s not over” which was a U.K smash hit for Grace. He sings the song in a nice falsetto that totally reminds you that his songs are written for female performers. This is quite a transformation for someone who used to play guitar in a glam rock band.

Very inspiring indeed.


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