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Into the Night – Two Time One Hit Wonder

(I know, this video is a generic fan montage, so close your eyes and concentrate on the song)

Chart Success
“Into the Night” is a 1980 song by singer-songwriter Benny Mardones, re-released in 1989. It is unique for being the only recording to ever ascend and hit the top 20 on the Billboard Charts twice. This happened in 1980, and in 1989. Both chartings were the same recording, and in between fell completely off the charts.

Regional Hit
Being from Canada, I had never heard of that song when growing up in the 80s. It was mainly popular in the US. I recently heard it in one of those late night “buy all the hits” commercial and just couldn’t believe how good the song was (even from a 10 second clip). Mardones’ voice on this recording is very reminiscent of Journey’s Steve Perry, which was at the top of the chart around the same time. I have this theory that maybe this was a factor in its initial success. This was the era of the big male voices.

One Hit Wonder, But Still Tryin’
Right after the initial hit, Mardones was unable to capitalize on the first hit because of drug and depression problems. It’s a very sad story, but not uncommon in the music industry. Mardonnes is now an independent. In this interview, he mentions that he will never be on the same record label as Michael Bolton because they have similar voices. I dunno about that. If he had another great songs like this, I’m sure someone would make an exception…


2 thoughts on “Into the Night – Two Time One Hit Wonder

  1. Come to Syracuse, New York, where Mardones was, for whatever reason, probably as big as Journey through the 80’s and 90’s.

    Not just the one hit, but several, that KEPT getting played on the radio for DECADES after their original chart life. Sold-out shows in local small to medium sized clubs (which supposedly kept him going through the “lean years”) through the 80s and 90’s. LP releases on the small local area indie record label.

    Why? Who knows. He’s not FROM upstate New York, he’s from Maryland originally. Just struck a chord there with the local rock audience. Weird but true.

  2. Also, this is not the only song to hit the Top 20 twice with the same recording. That was done by Chubby Checker’s version of “The Twist” which actually hit the Number One slot twice, in September 1960 and January 1962.

    Additionally, “Monster Mash” charted in the Top 40 THREE times with the same recording, first time in 1962 at Number One, the other two times in the 1970’s at much lower chart placings.

    Also, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” charted at Number One on three separate occasions, in 1942, 1946 and 1947. This was on the “Main” chart, not a separate “Christmas music” chart. But, this was NOT the “Billboard Hot 100” chart that is still used today, (and that the Mardones song would fall under), since that chart did not exist until 1958.

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