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1987 Dianne Warren Interview


Check out this awesome John Braheny interview with Dianne Warren. This interview is especially interesting because at the time, Warren had just experienced her first few hits after years of persistence. She started receiving song critiques at 15 in 1971. Do the math: that’s over 15 years spent honing her skills. Read this if you feel disappointed that you’re still “not there yet” after one year with Taxi. By the way, she is a very shy person who does her own song pitching and publishing. We have no excuse! I remember reading in Jason Blume’s book that he had a similar learning period.

Another very interesting fact is that she started on guitar before switching to keyboards. Personally, my own songwriting improved ten-fold once I switched to keyboards. It’s just a better instrument for writing and arranging songs. I can always go back to the guitar for actual recording, but for initial arrangement, nothing beats a keyboard.

Lastly, both Dianne Warren and Jason Blume are musically self-taught, which I find quite interesting. I mean, in all their years songwriting, they have not managed to learn to read or write music notation? Instead they focused on learning how to turn the ideas in their heads into finished songs. Very wise


2 thoughts on “1987 Dianne Warren Interview

  1. Dan says:

    I recently taught myself music theory, mostly “The Idiots Guide To Music Theory” which is excellent and Ricky Rooksby’s books, which are also excellent. I’ve also been writing on keyboard, after 10 years of playing guitar. I’ve read Blume’s book. Thanks for the head’s up on the Warren interview. I wish there was more stuff out there with her perspective on songwriting. Hopefully she’ll write a book one day. You can also listen to an interview of her with NPR at: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1057512


  2. Dan,

    Thanks for the interview. There are very few interviews from her. I’m not sure she’ll want to write a book. She strikes me as someone who’s way too busy being successful to stop and teach others.

    Take care,

    – Nick –

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