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Neil Sedaka – 50 years of Songwriting


The legendary Neil Sedaka was recently interviewed on George Stroumboulopoulos’s late night show on the CBC. Neil is one of the top songwriter of all times and had a few bits of advice for budding songwriters.

On the legendary Brill building work environment:

  • Every songwriter had a little cubicle with a piano and no window.
  • If you wrote a hit, you were promoted to an office with a window.
  • ”We were New York teenagers writing for the teenager market.”

On the essence of a great song:

  • The marriage of words and music.
  • The sentiment appealing to people. They’d say “Oh, that’s my story”.
  • The fact that you can ear it over and over, never getting tired of it.
  • Be inspired by great writers.

George Stroumboulopoulos is probably one of the best entertainment interviewer around. He is always prepared and knows his music history. This is very rare indeed.


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