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Tegan and Sara – Songwriting Twins


OMG! I have not felt excited like that for new music since first discovering The Killers and Hard-Fi. Tegan and Sara is a band lead by two identical twins named…get ready for it…Tegan and Sara. They make these superbly melodic songs reminiscent of Guided By Voices meet Shonen Knife. They are signed by fellow Canadian Neil Young’s record company. Visit their MySpace page and check out “Walking with a Ghost” (which was covered by White Stripes) and “The Con” from their latest album.

Man, I’m such a sucker for 80’s synth & guitars. I wish more bands would break out their DX7/Moog/MS-10.

In term of consistency, they are just like The Dears: two good commercial songs in their whole catalogue but the rest grow on you with each listen. Their new album “The Con” is out in Canada, but I’m not sure when it will arrive in the states. Highly recommended to songwriters who love the guitar/synth sound.


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