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iPhone For Songwriters


Even though I’m in Canada, and therefore won’t have access to the iPhone, that does not keep me from pondering the possible use of this new device for songwriting. As mentioned in a previous post, I use my 3G iPod to record song ideas before they disappear into thin air. Obviously, I’ll be trying to do the same thing with the iPhone.

One thing I find interesting is that many songwriters already use their cell phone’s voice mail to record impromptu ideas. Since they already carry a cell phone anyway, it’s like having a cheap low-fi pocket recorder available all time. But what if that phone had a large screen and a virtual keyboard? What more could you do with it?

Here’s a short list off the top of my head:

  • A graphical chromatic tuner.
  • A guitar and keyboard chord dictionary.
  • A rhyme dictionary.
  • An audio recorder.
  • A gig management tool with spreadsheet and Google-Map locator.
  • Aportable web-based song collaboration tool.

It may seem silly to use a 600$ device to replace a 60$ voice recorder, but the ability to perform much more advanced tasks is really inspiring.

I’m telling you, if the iPhone is not here in Canada by the end of the year, I’m leaving the land of free healthcare, heavenly maple syrup and mandatory Leonard Cohen listening for the big US of A.


4 thoughts on “iPhone For Songwriters

  1. Andreya says:

    LOL I like devices with many uses too!!
    Waiting for the price to drop… 😉

    Cool blog!! Found you @ MusesMuse

  2. Andreya says:

    Oh, and have you checked what other people say about recording with iPhone? (no idea, but *suppose* you could even record hi-quality demos??;)) here’s to hoping! 😉

  3. Hi Andreya,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’ve read a lot of reviews and comments.

    The one thing that will surely make a difference for songwriters is the little speaker that comes with the iPhone, which means that you could also acompany yourself with something you’ve already recorded.

    Also it will be easier to have others listen to your songs without having to have them use headphones. A read that the little speaker actually sounds good. ;p


  4. Murray Webster says:

    Well I’ve been doing most of that with my O2 XDA PDA for the last four years. I may upgrade to iPhone now though.

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