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SonoGraphx Dev. Update 01

The SonoGraphx project is turning out to be quite different from what I had first envisioned. My initial 2005 UI sketch was about keeping all my song ideas in one place:

I coded a prototype only to realize that while it looked good, it was totally unpractical, and therefore useless:

The problem is that in real life, most of my songwriting time is spent capturing organizing my ideas. Then, when I have enough ideas, I sit down and try turning them into finished songs. These two tasks are quite different and cannot be addressed with the same interface.

A little informal survey confirmed to me that I wasn’t the only one working in that fashion. Indeed, this is how most songwriters work: we all carry a notebook or a portable audio recorder to capture ideas immediately.

With this in mind, I rewrote the prototype to operate in two “spaces” Ideas space and Songs space. In Ideas space, all I want is to accumulate ideas into little “piles” that I can then select and bang into complete songs in Songs space.

Here’s Ideas space:

Here’s Song space:

Stay tuned for future developments….


2 thoughts on “SonoGraphx Dev. Update 01

  1. Steve says:

    I like your idea. Found Sonographx looking to solve the same problem. What is the current status of the product, and its future?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the comment. The project is alive and well. I’m now on my third (and hopefully final) revision of the UI. I got rid of the “blobby” look and I’m now going for something halfway between Coda ( and Delicious Library ( I’m currently testing it on my song catalogue, fixing things as I go. I think I can have a beta for February. Stay tuned 😉

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