Korg, M3, Synthesizer, Triton

Korg M3: First Sightings

People all over the world are taking delivery of the Korg M3, the replacement for the venerable Korg Triton synthesizer. The Triton sound has had quite an impact in modern popular music from rock (The Killers), techno (Moby), dance (Kylie Minogue) and Metal (Nightwish, Dream Theater, Saga).It was a great board but it was designed in the 90’s, before the soft synth revolution of PropellerHeads’ Reason. Therefore, many people, like myself grew frustrated with its inability to properly communicate with computer software like ProTools.

Well, the new M3 will correct all this in a big way. There’s a USB 2 connection for connecting a computer and/or disk drive as well as software plugins to control the synth from within ProTools, Logic or GarageBand.

So far, they’ve released the M3M (module) and M3-61 (61 keys) versions. Personally, I’m waiting for the 73-keys version to come out later next month. I like the new look. It will fit perfectly with my white iMac, white speakers and white Digi003. Blame the iPod: now, everyone wants to be Apple…


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